Built by a tight-knit crew across the globe

Our global team of disruptors made this company from the ground up. Behind the scenes, we are rewriting the rules.

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Who we are

Get to know our team of go-getters who are setting the bar higher, together.

Allen Loh


Amy Xie


Zach Thorne


Sara Krause

Operations Director

Daniel Mannfalk

Campaign Director

Paris Fan

Client Manager

Rui Tang

Client Manager

Madeline Nutter

Talent Manager

Sandy Yu

Client Manager

Abby Salcedo

Campaign Manager

Ipek Dogu

Campaign Manager

Movitz Hansson

Campaign Manager

Ada Ran

Client Manager

Alaa Zarnaji

Tech & Development

Kane Yang

Ecommerce Lead

Hanna Han

Client Manager

Julia Antonio

Sourcing Specialist

Natalia Lascano

Campaign Manager

The core values behind our work

This is what drives us to perform day in and day out.

Moving mountains for our clients

Delivering the upper echelon of quality

Growing better from yesterday

Tending to projects with passion

Conquering the clock and being on time

Crafting remarkable results